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Profile is one of the top bathroom websites in China, focusing on bathroom industry for over 14 years. was founded in 2000, Xiamen(China) Boil Network Technology Co.,Ltd as its website operator. With over 10 years’development, by providing complete, efficient and authoriative industry news, plays a key role in bathroom industry, witnessing and promoting the fast development of bathroom in China.

Currently, is leading in website accessing, bathroom brands ranking, customer service and many other aspects in China bathroom field. With the average daily indepentent IP over 150,000 and PV over 700,000, is now bringing benefits to over 1500,000,000 people. Besides, is also the news origin of bathroom industry trend for tycoon search engine like Baidu, Google, 360 etc., which enable us a much more competitive position in bathroom field than other peer competitors.


  • Top on Professionalism

    Professionally focusing on bathroom industry development and trend for over 14 years, witnessing and endeavoring a fair and fast bathroom industry development. In the past 14 years, has accumulated plenty of useful data and information, including over 500,000 registered members, 30,000 company partners and 100,000 dealers infomation, participating over 200 bathroom-related fairs and exhibition at home and abroad, and establishing the partner relationship with many associations/ quality control institutes and designing organization etc..

  • Top on News Broadcasting

    As one of the earliest bathroom media, leads in page viewing, brands rank and customer service within the industry. With an average independent IP over 150,000, PV700,000, bringing infomation to over 1500,000,000 people. At the same time, takes a strong influence among peer websites, any articles launched in our website will be forwarded by other media within 5 minutes. Companies like Roca, American Standard, Jomoo,Joyou, HeGII all gave credit to our work and established various terms of relationships with us.

  • Top on Market Precision

    As a bathroom professionally medium, weights top sixth both in baidu and google search engine, and becomes the news source for google, baidu, 360, sogou etc. Articles from can be always found on the first page in various searching page in China and are always favorable in the sanitary-ware field. No matter you are customer/ retailer or dealer, as long as you put key words like "bathroom","bathroom brands","toilet","faucet","shower" or any brand name like "Roca" in any searching engine in China, you can always see coming top on the searching page and find the precise information you desire from

  • Top on Association and Fair Resources

    In the past over 14 years, has established various close relationships with provincial and country level associations like China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association,China Building Decoration Association, The National Sanitary Special Committee Federation of Furniture Industry Association, China National Hardware Association, China Building Materials Circulation Association, Fujian Valve Industry Association, Taiwan Changhuashui Plumbing Hardware Development Association, Xiamen Bathroom and Kitchen Association etc. Besides, also established many relationships with ceramic associations and building/material associations, which explains the uncompetitive advantageous position in China.

Our Team

14 years has been the milestone of our persistence and hardwork. 14 years, we have grown with bathroom industry together, witnessed all the reforms and revolution happened in this industry and ourselves. We are a united team and we love each other as a family member. In the following unknowing future, we will keep a strong faith in this field, and will work harder to achieve what's best in us by sticking to the following 5 words: Professionalism, Creation, Trust, Responsibility, Open.