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Settantacinque: Cleaning Up Lines with Essential Personality

January 22,2018 | by | archiproducts

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  Componendo presents Settantacinque console bathroom. Rigorous and cleaning up lines with essential personality and a touch of originality and design: these are keywords which have inspired us for the creation of Settantacinque project.

Settantacinque: Cleaning Up Lines with Essential Personality

  This collection is called Settantacinque thanks to its design: its corner forms an angle of 75°. It’s realized in the best AISI 304 stainless steel and it’s protected by a special finish, antitouch treatment, which preserves Settantacinque against traces of hands and drop. Thanks to this treatment the surface will remain bright and clean.


  With this console we have played with the geometric forms. To its so rigorous lines, but at the same time soft, we have combined our sinks, Mide (rectangular), Drop (round) and Tha (oval), realized, as the console, in stainless steel.

  This collection can be realized in gloss or matt lacquering and its structure can be in pure steel or painted of white or black color, as standard, or on demand across the entire RAL range, gloss or matt.


  Settantacinque can be made even more precious besides by the choice of the material for the top: our selection of marbles.

  The fusion between the stainless steel and the marble is surely a particular combining but able to make unique and appreciated the furniture and the style of bathroom.

Settantacinque: Cleaning Up Lines with Essential Personality

  Among the marbles, the beautiful Marble of Carrara, the most classical of the marbles and Italian pride with its unmistakable candid white color, surely detaches. For the one who looking for a particular marble, Settantacinque is available with the top in Green Onyx Pakistan Marble which, with its pattern and its colors, ochre, white and green, makes Settantacinque very original.

  Settantacinque top, finally, is also available in gloss glass, white or black, and in white solid surface, a precious synthetic material.

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