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Kaldewei Opens New Iconic World Exhibition

January 16,2018 | by | kbbdaily

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  Kaldewei has opened its new Iconic World exhibition space in Ahlen, Germany after a year and a half of planning and construction, with the centre including an “interactive and multisensory” experience, as well as an Iconic Design area and a factory tour.

  The four-level centre also features a ‘Material Excellence’ area, that allows visitors to discover Kaldewei steel enamel’s “distinctive qualities by means of impressive experiments”, including dropping a 7kg weight onto an enamelled shower surface and heating a steel enamel plate to more than 1,000°C.

Kaldewei Opens New Iconic World Exhibition

  During the interactive tour, visitors are given a “sensory and tangible taste” of the brand’s four dimensions, namely integrated bathroom solutions, iconic design, global partnership and steel enamel, it said.

  Visitors firstly walk through a tunnel featuring an audiovisual presentation of Kaldewei’s three product ranges – washbasins, shower surfaces and bathtubs – before reaching the Iconic Centre to be presented with the brand’s first freestanding bathtub, made in 1934.

  The exhibition also has a Designers’ Gallery, that allows visitors to “interactively explore” the brand’s design partnerships with Sottsass Associati, Phoenix Design, Arik Levy, Studio Aisslinger and Anke Salomon.

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