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Bravat Shines up at 124th Canton Fair

November 5,2018 | by Selina | jieju

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  When it comes to October, the Canton Fair must be mentioned in the trading industry - as useful barometer for trading, it serves a big platform of marketing communication and development.

  The 124th Canton Fair held as scheduled. As Canton Fair's regular exhibitor, Bravat exhibits a series of innovative products at it. In 124th edition, Bravat took a new booth location: E18-25, Hall 10.1, Area B.



  Bravat's Booth: E18-25, Hall 10.1, Hall B

  Bravat Highlights 1

  The “One Belt One Road” policy has a great influence to many fields - in Canton Fair, the growing buyers from related countries/regions, the number has increased from 77,278 of Year 2013 to 90,576 of Year 2018, up to 17.2% from 114th to 123rd edition. 


  Responding to “One Belt One Road” national policy, Bravat deepen its “Global Development Strategy”. Besides the markets of South East Asia, Middle East, and East Europe Bravat targets global emerging markets to pooling more opportunities.

  Innovative business developing modes lead Bravat’s expanding strategy; quality brand partners and qualify technology teams driving its moving forward.

Bravat Highlights 2

Bravat's innovative products


  Attracting buyers to learn more  


  Spotted the onsite 124th Canton Fair, Bravat goes with the trends, presenting product suite.


  Bravat Highlights 3

  BRAVAT has always been pursuing "a perfect combination of innovative design and excellent function", is committed to creating both aesthetic and functional design, to present high quality bathroom style.

  The excellent designs lead Bravat consecutively to win international awards such as Red Dot, iF and IDEA Awards.  


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  An irresistible trend of Interior Decoration Industrialization-

  Prefabricated Products to Meet the Trend

  Bravat Unit Bathroom, the product aims to roll out multiple new functions including washing, bathing, dressing and toileting by using the aggregated industrial products.


  Modular Prefabricated Products


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