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Big News! Monarch Officially Listed!

May 4,2016 | by Jessie | jieju

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  Breaking, seize potential, to win the world, Monarch did not let you wait too long. The evening of April 22nd, the Commission announced the approval of Sichuan monarch's first application. Thus,monarch successfully completed the small board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market (Stock Code: 2798) officially landed in the capital market, the strength of reveal without involuntary discharge of urine.

Big News! Monarch officially listed!

  As one of the earliest home business after the reform and opening up, monarch grows up, change in leapfrog development, profound interpretation of the Sichuan enterprises tough and fearless. And now among the top ten brands of sanitary wares in China, Monarch anticipated under the successful listing, usher in an important milestone in the development of enterprises, once again become the focus of concern in the industry.

  Overwhelmed, Monarch strong settled in Shenzhen, is tantamount to the overall economic downturn, market is relatively weak in the bathroom industry injected a booster. In fact, the industry long-standing dilemma of fierce competition, but the achievement of a breakthrough opportunity.

Big News! Monarch officially listed!

  On the one hand, Monarch Industrial Park has been fully completed and put into use, park "modern technology", "modern equipment", "modern warehousing and modern experimental research and development center", leading technology into modern sanitary ware industry, industry four construction created a new situation.

  On the other hand, with the aid of the listed Dongfeng, monarch will embrace the strong mentality, contrarian, increase hardware facilities, product design, brand promotion, investment, the differentiation and customization, experience, intelligence and new materials, new technology, new features, new feeling "four four new" as the strategic direction of the subsequent product system of research and development. At the same time, to expand new channels, enhance the credibility of the brand, continue to maintain strong growth.

Big News! Monarch officially listed!

  Excellent quality products, satisfactory service to consumers and government support is the Monarch to complete the domestic sanitary industry, the first prerequisite for the historical transformation. In the future, the monarch will use a strong market response capability to defend core position in the industry, by virtue of the listed Dongfeng, "Cheong enjoy wonderful shower life" of the enterprise to pass the vision to more families in China and even in the world.

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