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Orans Lin Huayou: the Spirit of the Craftsman to Do Products Do the Waiter Service Attitude

April 15,2016 | by Jessie | jieju

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  March 30, 2016 afternoon, China smart bathroom industry development summit in Taizhou City, the grand opening of the international hotel. The forum sponsored by the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association and Taizhou city government, Jiaojiang District government, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association Branch of intelligent home and clean network organized forum to "quality, technology, service standards," as keywords, on China's smart bathroom market situation and prospects were in-depth interpretation. At the same time, the site in a special interview with Orans sanitary ware chairman Lin Huayou, to consult Lin Dong about those things smart bathroom.

Orans Lin Huayou: the spirit of the craftsman to do products Do the waiter service attitude

  jieju: Hello, can you introduce the development of Taizhou intelligent sanitary ware production area in recent years?

  Lin Huayou: Taizhou intelligent sanitary ware in the past few years has developed very rapidly, greatly small appeared dozens of production intelligent sit toilet enterprises, since the vocal Wu Xiaobo later, China Central Television reported, even the Prime Minister of the country also began to attach importance to the development of the industry the. Now, the Zhejiang provincial government has begun to attach importance to, from top to bottom Taizhou municipal government has begun to attach importance to the development of smart bathroom industry. As we all know, sit the whole of China more than 50 percent of intelligent and integrated machine is Taizhou production, and now Taizhou Municipal government to the Taizhou smart bathroom as a new industry to focus on supporting, this year, Secretary of provincial Party committee and leaders have many times to we are Taizhou research, repeatedly stressed to the Taizhou intelligent sanitary ware industry bigger and stronger, and in the near future is also related to city leaders, who chaired the meeting, ready to begin to take the lead to do a Taizhou intelligent sanitary wares Association, a Taizhou smart bathroom Industrial Park was established. So now we do these smart bathroom companies are confident that a hundred times, we hope to do a resource integration, with an open mind to lead the development of Taizhou smart bathroom industry!

  jieju: Policy tilt, the demand is driven, Orans will meet what kind of opportunity?

  Lin Huayou: This will be more conducive to Orans to take the road of self brand building, because before the domestic first-line mainstream bathroom brands are Guangdong, Zhejiang sanitary ware production enterprises are not very important. Now in driven by many factors, the prospect of smart bathroom is predictable, and smart bathroom as a breakthrough, as smart bathroom output value accounts for the company total output value of more than 30% of the Orans, body in the smart bathroom areas in the cluster, we can borrow this started their visibility, to enhance their brand influence more.

  jieju: The Forum meeting and the standard part of the meeting, what do you think that the meaning of the standard smart bathroom ?

  Lin Huayou: Product standards is of paramount importance, there is no standard will let consumers which cheap to buy which, so the market order will be chaos, product quality will be good and bad, consumer confidence will be greatly dampened. And with the standard, it will set an invisible threshold for the enterprise, so that will be able to ensure that enterprises in this field is more powerful, to promote the healthy development of the industry.

  jieju: how to plan for the future in Orans?

  Lin Huayou: In the future, Orans will first go the road of industrial design, design leading to the road, we maintain long-term cooperation with the Italy designers, first of all to the appearance of the product has reached a second, find everything fresh and new feeling; in technology, we adhere to the independent research and development, in cooperation with South Korea Japan related businesses, improve their the strength of independent research and development, bring trustworthy product for the user; finally, we will put the "Internet plus" technology into intelligent closestool inside, through the link APP, interact with the user, make smart bathroom with "Internet plus" attitude!

  Thanks to Orans chairman Lin Huayou to accept the jieju interview!

  Orans chairman Lin Huayou quotes forum site:

  I feel to choose their own smart bathroom industry is very lucky, also thanks to the Ma, through Internet technology to lead the development of Zhejiang bathroom in the channel, and to the sanitary enterprises in Zhejiang Province a breakthrough. In the future, Orans also hope that through Internet plus technology, let Orans products to understand the needs of the human body, through the Internet technology we interact, Orans will also be in June during the Shanghai exhibition show related products.

  In the future, we hope that Orans products made with the artisan spirit, do service waiter mentality!

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