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Jieju in the Supply Chain: Professional B2M Solution to Spot New Pattern

April 8,2016 | by Jessie | jieju

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  China sanitary ware development more than 30 years, has been formed from suppliers, brands, distributors, retailers, until the end user's are an integral part of the very large scale of industrial chain. However, the traditional industrialization thought that defend bath is still in a spin product line, batch production, the pursuit of low cost operation, and from different channels to sell products or get the order of the original model. Little imagine, the authority of the fortune magazine as early as in 2001 has to supply chain management as the century's most important one of the four major strategic resources, therefore, how to through the collaboration between enterprises, for the whole supply chain optimization should be wei yu the indispensable means to maintain a strong competitive.

  On this basis, the jie in the supply chain platform to "Internet +" era of big background, the proposed new Internet + supply chain mode of B2M: centralized purchasing merchants gather orders for professional manufacturers. And the whole process, and constantly optimize supply chain upstream and downstream of sanitary ware industry collaboration, until the logistics, information, capital and so on each link of the supply chain, to help China sanitary ware industry supply chain optimization.

  In the middle of march, "wei yu B2M" Internet + new supply chain model, under the guidance of cultivating Liu Weibin jie in the supply chain line successively visited xiamen, chaozhou, nanan, foshan, zhongshan, equal main production manufacturing enterprise representatives, to explore the new mode of economic and market conditions.

  According to Liu Weibin said, the state council premier li keqiang made in 2015, the government work report "Internet +" action plan, specifically to support industry websites by the policy of information platform to trade platform development plan. Jie in the net since founded in 2000, 16 years take root in sanitary ware industry, has been actively exploring the road of "Internet + wei yu", as an industry recognized first portal, jie network in foshan, nanan, xiamen branch, chaozhou, a major production areas, with the most profound industry resources and contacts, the understanding of the whole industry manufacturers. All of these provide jie in the supply chain platform to build the growth of the soil, in the future, in the supply chain will address the following three major industries cleaning:

  Industrial production pain points of brand

  Jie in the supply chain in the consumer brand industrial brand concept, is proposed on the basis of its advanced manufacturing technology and innovative technology, scientific quality control and manufacture management build interactive relationship with the customers. At the same time, through the long time, culture, technology, quality of precipitation.

ieju in the supply chain: professional B2M solution to spot new pattern

  First, in the field of industrial brand, advocating is the product of professional. Because only a professional can improve the production efficiency, better improve product competitiveness, but also easier to let the customer label. Many industrial brands are established at the beginning of the creation of professional product strategy, in order to meet the demand of the market, however, most of the industry brand for two kinds of product strategy.

  An extend the product line, to meet the vast majority of the procurement needs of customers. Although in a short time can get multiple orders, but it will not form product focus for a long time, also won't be able to form the core competitiveness of the products.

  Second, adhere to the specialized production, meet the small part of the procurement needs of customers. Although able to form the core competitiveness of the product, but it caused by scattered clients, communication cost is too high can't form a standardized production, its product performance-to-price ratio cannot be properly resolved.

  So, then form industrial brand production spot: extend the product line is unable to form product core competitiveness, adhere to the specialized production cannot form the size of the order.

  Pain points analysis: most of the industry brand willing to stick to a single product strategy, the premise is to have stable orders.

  Solve jie B2M new supply chain model in pain points: focus on a large number of stable purchasing order, through a third party platform to purchase directly to the industry brand. So, a lot of orders for industrial brand form the standardization production, third-party trading platform to make communication more worry. In the future, more professional industry brand more able to gain market recognition.

  The purchase of small and medium-sized brand and pain points

  For a long time, according to enterprise development, positioning and market share, China sanitary ware industry there are thousands of small and medium-sized enterprise brand. In specific areas, specific crowd with strong brand competitiveness. But because enterprise size restrictions lead to product procurement category scattered, small purchase quantity. Can't have purchasing bargaining chip with industrial brand, so most small and medium-sized brand practice three products procurement strategy.

  A, looking for professional industrial brand purchasing. But in order to obtain bargaining chip had to one-time procurement in great quantities, but at the expense of the breeding ground for a large number of inventory.

ieju in the supply chain: professional B2M solution to spot new pattern

  Second, look for professional industrial brand for small batch purchase. While reducing the pressure on inventory, but because of the small purchase quantity, price and delivery date cannot be an effective guarantee.

  Three, looking for the professional industry brand purchasing. Can meet the demand of small batch purchase, but at the sacrifice of the stability of product quality.

  So, then formed a brand, small and medium enterprises procurement pain points: how to form the effective in ensuring product quality and does not cause a large number of inventory, purchasing to the high cost performance products.

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